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Chip Rainbow logo Chip Rainbow is the alter ego I publish my nature and art photograpy under. Chip Rainbow logo
Humphrey the Band logo Humphrey the Band is where I do my music. The band is me and all the crazy people running around in my head. Warning: I'm not a very good singer LOL. Humphrey the Band logo
The Wakulla Volcano logo The mysterious and legendary Wakulla Volcano. A column of smoke rising from the unexplored swamplands south of Tallahassee brought worldwide fame and explorers seeking to find it. It was never definitively found. The Wakulla Volcano logo
Windslow Homer's Ghost logo A website I collaborated on about some found paintings that appear to be lost works of the great American watercolorist Winslow Homer. They're worth taking a look at. Windslow Homer's Ghost logo
The Dread Poet Michael
The Dread Poet Michael Miscellaneous Poems Miscellaneous Poems
A random selection of droppings from my poetic imagination
{Here there be dragons}
The Dread Poet Michael Miscellaneous Poems
The Far Corner of the Room logo "The Far Corner of the Room" is the proverbial 'slender volume of poetry' from 2009. My life was about to undergo a major transition and I was leaving the house where many of these are set. The Far Corner of the Room logo
Poems Without a Name logo Poems Without a Name: Extemporaneous poetry originally created as Twitter posts (tweets). Can't use the Twitter logo so here's a drawing I did long ago of my budgie Bristol. Poems Without a Name logo
Twitter logo Sometimes you can find me on TwitterX. Sometimes there's fresh poetry there. Twitter logo
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