Michael Lowe Wright at one year old Michael lowe Wright Michael Lowe Wright at one year old
~~~~~~~~~~ Living Clothes Free (Adult material) ~~~~~~~~~~
Michael Lowe Wright standing naked in socks and sandals outdoors next to an old garden gate The following is kind of raw and honest about some very personal stuff. It may be Too Much Information for some visitors; if that's you, or if you're under legal age, you really should go read something else instead.

Way back in the early 1990s, during a personal crisis, I swore an unbreakable oath. It wasn't about some cult or other, it was purely personal because a string of disastrous relationships had shown me that I was incapable of being a partner to a woman, and in order to eliminate that as a possibility in my life so as not to do any more damage, I included three very specific and humiliating commitments that would discourage any woman from seeing me as a potential mate:

* I would live naked as much as possible, as is my natural inclination, and wear only a skirt if I needed to cover myself
* My only footwear would be sandals, since they leave my feet mostly bare and visible, and optionally white ankle socks if I wanted or needed to cover them, which would make me look like a geek
* As a visible sign of my pledge I would keep my body hair shaved

At that time very few men wore sandals - other than flip-flops - and even fewer routinely shaved their pubic hair. Then as now, though, wearing white socks with sandals was seen as geeky or indicative of someone being self-conscious about their feet. The intent was that even if I were otherwise dressed normally, those would still be my only footware options everywhere I went.

Yep, I was young and passionate and anguished and went to something of an extreme, as passionate young people often do. Then life happens and with it come perspective and experience. For several years I spent almost every warm weather weekend at a local private swimming hole where skinnydipping and casual social nudity were the norm. Other than my lack of pubiic hair, I was just one more normal person. (I should add that other than the nudity, it was like any other weekend gathering.) Through this time, while wearing sandals and shaving pubic hair became normalized, I stuck with my pledge and stayed true to its intent - even though it had lost most of its force.

With the experience and knowledge gained from living long enough, I came to understand I'm nonbinary/gender fluid; I had made a wise, if a bit extreme, decision to prevent the formation of any romantic relationships (with one notable exception some years later). But it's worked since then. Not only do I have no regrets, I've come to enjoy living this way.

There's one more good reason to live clothes-free in warm weather: it doesn't contribute to climate change. There are all the clothes I never bought and the ones that didn't end in a landfill; the number of loads of laundry I never had to do amounts to a fair amount of electricity, water, and detergent saved; and I can set the A/C to a higher temperature. Not too bad for something I'd rather do anyway. (In Winter I oover up; saving energy - and money - takes precedence over bare skin)
Michael Lowe Wright standing naked in socks and sandals outdoors next to an old garden gate
Anyone who knows me probably realizes the only footwear I own and wear is sandals. Fewer know that I also have honored the commitment to live clothes-free and pubic hair-free, and still do. I've had to adapt it slightly to be practical. It's a big part of how I live my life - it's not uncommon for me to go for days with all my clothes put away and nothing out to wear - but I recognize it's not a big deal to anyone else. Nonetheless, I'm now 76 years old and I'm tired of being secretive and feeling unnecessary shame about it, so, embarrasssing or not, I'm making a public record of it here. I'm pleased to have lived by this commitmment for all these years, and to finally embrace it fully here at the end of my life feels even better. Now we all know even if it never comes up, and I won't need to pretend otherwise if it does.
I subscribe to the three principles of Ethical Nudity:
  1. Nudity is our natural state and there is nothing immoral in living without clothing.
  2. An ethical nudist always limits their nudity to locations and situations where it is acceptable and appropriate, and always respects the right of others not to be exposed to it.
  3. Similarly, an ethical nudist always limits expressions of their sexuality to locations and situations where it is acceptable and appropriate, and always respects the right of others not to be exposed to it.