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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Life at Home (Adult Material) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Some of the following is kind of raw and honest about some very personal stuff. It may be Too Much Information for some visitors; if that's your, or if you're under legal age, you really should go read something else instead.

After my second divorce in 2009, I decided it would be best for me and for womankind if I hung up my spurs in that area. Since then I've lived alone, nor have I dated. As I'm retired and on Social Security, I have a reliable income and no boss, so I'm free to live my life without concern for how it might impact a partner or employer. Given that I'm incorrigibly unconventional, I've had space to explore just how that works out.
Michael Lowe Wright's feet in socks and sandals I'm a child of nature at heart, and I have a binding commitment to live my life clothes-free as much as possible (Live Naked!). The one exception is white ankle socks and sandals, which are always ok to wear. (Cool fact: this photo on Wikipedia is of my feet.) Over the years living naked - combined with my passion for photography - has resulted in a collection of a significant number of artistic nude photos of me. Michael Lowe Wright's feet in socks and sandals
Michael Lowe Wright wearing a tank top and men's skirt with sandals on Wikimedia When I'm not in my natural state, I sometimes wear men's skirts that I made specifically for me and my body. I'm NOT cross-dressing - there's no reason men can't have a nice skirt as a clothing option without anyone raising an eyebrow. There is a lot of Scots ancestry in me and I think it's just in my genes not to like wearing pants, although my skirts are actually inspired more by the short ones worn by Roman soldiers. I've been wearing skirts occasionally since about 1980, and I think I look good in them. (Men: Try it, you'll like it!) Michael Lowe Wright wearing a tank top and men's skirt with socks and sandals on Wikimedia
I'm endlessly curious about a lot of things, and there aren't a lot of places, physical and mental, that I fear to tread. This leads me into some pretty deep stuff in my efforts to understand myself, other humans, and this strange cosmos we live in. I get inspiration and more from these explorations, but I'm not inclined to talk about them on here because of their extreme personal nature, and because we live in a world where that kind of thing can be used to attack someone. What's already on here is kind of on the edge already, but you never know when I'll want to share some of my more unconventional experiences!